Dog Bells

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An app that helps you create a consistent routine for you and your dog with daily scheduled bells to remind you of things like meal times, potty times, walks or even medicine.

Why a routine for dogs?
Having consistent meal and outside times can help to prevent potty accidents inside your house.
Consistent walks for your dog can help reduce their anxiety, and can be good for overall health and well being.
Consistent meals can help to prevent your dog from over-eating, and avoids letting them have an “open buffet” to eat anytime.
Because cats don’t like routines.
Who says dogs should have a routine?

Lots of people... Dogs need a routine Stress and the Importance of routines for dogs Dog feeding schedules Mealtime is the Perfect Time - for Dog Training, That Is
Pet Health Blog: Why Do Dogs Need Routine? Housetraining 101: 9 Steps to a Potty-Trained Pup
How does it work?
Set your bell categories, or edit each one individually.
Add, set, or edit how many bells for each category.
Customize the bell sound for each category.
And youre on your way to creating a consistent routine for you and your pooch.